Mosquito Control

Bringing joy back to the outdoors using products that are All Natural, Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic while providing a safe process for our bees, butterflies and fish. Perillo property maintenance is a local owned and operated small businesses in dutchess county,Ny that provides all natural, environmentally friendly and non toxic mosquito and outdoor pest control. Our process and products are safe around kids, pets and plants as well as 🐝 🦋 🐟
Why should you spray for mosquitoes and ticks?

Mosquito eggs are notoriously resilient, being able to survive up to 7 years before hatching and annoying you. Not only are they a pain, but they can carry diseases and pose a serious threat to the people they bite. Luckily, there are ways to cut off the population and make sure that they don’t get out of control. We start spraying on April 1st to disrupt their life cycle and prevent the mosquito population from exploding. Usually, this continues until October, and we’ll spray every three weeks to keep your protection going.

Some clients request spraying as late as mid-November, which helps prevent ticks on your property. This can be especially helpful for protecting children and pets, who are the most susceptible to ticks. Just as bloodthirsty as mosquitoes, ticks can also become a big nuisance if they appear in your area. With our expert planning backed by our experience dealing with both mosquitoes and ticks, after our treatments you’ll see a noticeable difference throughout the whole season.

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